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General Terms of Use

General terms of use of wolfare.com, as well as terms of use for all language mutations of this site.
Welcome to our website. By using it or registering, you agree with the following rules, which constitute the Agreement on the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website between You and Us. Last Review: 26.10.2017
Specific rules for individual parts of the site
            Rules for contributing to the forum
            Rules for contributing to the blog
            Rules for leaving feedback
General Terms of Use   
Terms and definitions
In general
Change of rules
Disclaimer and compensation
Checking and administering posts
Registration and Cancellation of account, Your Data and Statements
Protection of copyright, intellectual property and other rights
Your duties, statements and consents

Specific rules for individual parts of the site
Rules for contributing to a forum or timeline (also called "Stream")

Feel free to contribute, so your articles can help, inspire and inform everyone at wolfare.com
In order for everyone to feel free as you do, avoid displaying the following in your posts :
The intention of condemning, humiliating, ridiculing, for instance, do not condemn proceedings, opinions of other people or groups of people; compromise someone; express vulgarly
The intention to abuse private information e.g. do not publish photographs of others, names, contacts and private information without the consent of the person concerned; sail under false colors
The intention to accentuate your post, or unnecessarily draw attention to yourself e.g. do not publish a large number of posts per se; publish invented stories, do not use unnecessary capitalization and decorative characters; do not promote sales in the thrift shop or request to be voted for in competitions or polls
The intention to post posts that are out of context at wolfare.com, meaning not about travel and traveling lifestyle and things related to it.
The intention to offer services or goods, for example, if the posts include business contacts; promotional watermark on photos; or it shows that you sell things or you make them to order

Rules for contributing to the blog
Feel free to contribute, so your articles can help, inspire and inform everyone at wolfare.com
In order for everyone to feel free as you do, avoid displaying the following in your posts :
The intention to offer services or goods, for example by frequently posting - spam; harassing other members by sending messages
The intention to circumvent the rules of the site e.g. re-publishing a post that has been blocked or removed from viewing in all blogs
The intention to misuse the media effect that posts are shown to others in all Blogs e.g. requests to be voted for in competitions or polls; advertising ; promotion; publishing the same or similar contributions
Posts and comments that violate points
Posts related to wolfare.com e.g. trading responses; technical issues with the site; responses to admin decisions and site rules, ironical comments on users
Posts leading to criminal activity. You have the ability to write articles and contribute to the blog, thereby making you and your services more visible. Articles must be true, non-intrusive and compliant with all ethical rules and shall not contain any advertising or promotion of third-party products or services.
Posts that threaten your privacy or are intimate
e.g. photos of naked children , your photos containing nudity or obscenity; photos with blood on it

Creation of Groups, Discussions and Places to humiliate other users: A group for contributions and comments from other users with the intent to humiliation
Posts in accordance with the points 1.-7. will be blocked or withdrawn from all Blogs.
Posts according to points 8-10 will not be blocked, will be withdrawn from all Blogs, or you will be warned to consider deleting them yourself.
Use of a Web site violating point 11 will be penalized by blocking your User Account.
The user will be informed about the blocking of the post via internal mail. The user will not be notified about the withdrawal of his post from all Blogs.

Rules for leaving feedback
The right to leave feedback only arises after mutual confirmation by both parties about providing advice or selling the service. If there is no confirmation of advice or sales of the service by both parties, the user has no right to publish the feedback.
Users do not have the right to add a negative rating as a revenge for a negative rating. We take this rule very seriously, because such ratings are making users unsure whether or not leave a negative feedback.
The rating should not contain expressions of personal animosity. It should only inform about advice quality. Since evaluations serve others, emotional outbursts will tell them nothing about your problem and solution. And the rough words do not belong on wolfare.com
Feedbacks should not include: response to other ratings, user questions, user messages (internal mail).

    The user can only leave feedback for an advice or service that he directly used/participated in as a buyer or seller and which took place at wolfare.com.
General Terms of Use
Terms and definitions
"Rules" are the provisions of this Agreement on the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website
"Website" is our web site, or websites: www.wolfare.com
"We" are a trading company LeRan s.r.o., Kuzmany 9, Banská Bystrica, IČO: 47 557 231, registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court of Banská Bystrica, section Ltd, insert no. 25935 / S, who is the Website owner.
"You" is a user of the website that has used or uses a website, whether or not he/she is registered.
"Someone" or "Other" is a person different from You.
"Contribution" is any post (such as opinion, statement, criticism, attitude, commentary, expression, picture, photograph, video clip or any other content) that you have added to a website.
"Content" is any other content on the site other than posts.
"Usage" or "Use" is your publication or posting contributions to our website or any other activity related to it (browsing, etc.).
"Service" is enabling the usage of the website and its accessibility to you and others. The service is free of charge except for sections or services on the website for which the price is expressly stated.
"Registration" is your user account creation on the website.
You become "Registered" as a user after the registration process, and as a registered user you have your own username and password.

    "Canceling the Registration" is preventing your use of the website through your user account and deleting your account data.

    "Admin" is the user such as you, with more responsibility for the administration of the website, but does not represent us neither is authorized to act on our behalf.

All of the above terms and definitions are used in the Rules in the appropriate grammatical form, that is, if there is any indication that any obligation is "ours", then we have this duty, and if there is a prohibition related to you, then you are not allowed to do it. Similarly, if it is stated that "you are obligedto do something" means that "you are obligated" and if "we are entitled" means that "we have the right" to do something, and so on.
In general
These Rules are a legally binding agreement between you and us. Even before you start using a website, you have to read these rules. The first time you use the website, you declare that you have carefully read those, agree with them without reservation, and you are commited to comply with them, just as you undertake to obey the applicable law (of the Slovak Republic and the state in which you are) and good manners, and you undertake not to do any work in connection with the use of the Website in violation of applicable law, good morals and these Rules

If you do not agree with these Terms, you cannot use this website and, if you are already a registered user, you are required to ask us to cancel your registration.

    If you are under 18, you are honestly declaring that your parent or other legal representative has expressed their consent to the rules and your use of the website. You must be at least 16 years old. Younger persons are not permitted to use this website.
These Rules of Use of the Website are governed by the laws of the Slovak Republic and any dispute or proceeding arising out of the use of the Website will be conducted in the courts of the Slovak Republic located in the district of our registered office.

    You agree that your User Account, its content and all rights associated with it are non-transferable, and are binded on solely to you.

If any of the provisions of these policies become or will be declared void or unenforceable, other applicable legislation will be used instead of the original meaning of these provisions, while other provisions of the rules will remain in effect and enforceable.

    The individual titles of the parts of these rules are intended only for their clarity and do not have any legal effect.
These rules also include the Terms and Conditions of Use of individual parts of a website (of a more technical nature) listed directly in that particular section.

    These Rules may be made in several language versions of the same content, whereas the Slovakian version of the rules is determinative.
Change of rules:
We may at any time amend or supplement these Terms of Service without informing as why we do not want to bother you with unsolicited mail. It is therefore in your interest to read them from time to time to make sure that you use the website in accordance with them, because you are bound by these rules and have committed to them while also accepting their possible amendments.
Changing or supplementing the rules on the website, that you can access at any time by clicking onthe link on the main page, will take effect by publishing it. We consider your continued use of the website after this change or addition, to be an agreement with the changes to the rules. If you do not agree with the change, you are required to terminate the use of the website and, if you are registered, ask us to cancel the registration.
Disclaimer and compensation
We can not guarantee the legality, thruthfulness, accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or conformity of your contributions to the rules, therefore we bear no responsibility for all your contributions on the website as well as all your other actions related to the website or to others.

    As we can not guarantee the full truthfulness, timeliness, and accuracy of the content on the website, we are not responsible for the contents of the site, nor can we be held responsible for  for any damage or harm resulting from your or someone's trust in this content or contributions.
Please take into consideration that your contribution is an expression of your personal opinion and your action, not our opinion , so you are solely and directly responsible for it. By using the website you agree and give consent that if there is any damage resulting from your contribution to us, you will indemnify us in full, irrespective of its height and whether you have committed intentionally or negligently, whether you caused the damage yourself or in cooperation with others and so on.

    We take no responsibility for any damage or harm that may be caused to you or others in connection with the use of the website or service.

    We do not accept any responsibility for the missing content of your contributions or for the missing contribution itself.
The Service is provided "as such" and we are not responsible for the continued functionality, flawless operation and security of the Service, or for any interruption or termination of the Service for any time or forever, In the same time, we can do so at any time with immediate effect, without giving any reason; even without notice.

Checking and administration of posts

We reserve the right to monitor and review all posts in order to ensure their compliance with the applicable laws and regulations and the right to change them, remove, if necessary, for what you are giving us your consent, to do so on our sole discretion or in cases as stated in the rules, even without notifying you or others.

    While we have set these rules for your behavior and contributions, we cannot be required to review all of your contributions, whether or not they comply with the rules (although we have a right to do so), so we are not responsible for their content or policy compliance.
Similarly, it is not possible for us, for technical and personnel reasons, to answer all your questions, requests, complaints, related to posts, website or services.

    You agree that (in addition to the privileges listed in other parts of the terms) we are authorized to archive copies of any of your contributions and to ensure that the content of the Website and the posts (or parts thereof) can not be the subject of various Internet search programs(eg. Google)
We are authorized to notify you of a breach or threat of breach of these rules or of a valid law and to interfere between you and others (inter alia by deleting the post and / or blocking the discussion forum, its part, canceling the registration, etc.) .
You are required to ensure that each of your posts is in accordance with the applicable law and these rules.

    Although we are not responsible for your contributions or for any consequences caused by them, we are interested in preventing any damage caused by posts on the website, and we are also interested in moderating the settlement of disputes.
    Therefore we reserve the right, but we are not obliged, to settle disputes arising from the contributions posted on the website between you and someone.
You give us the consent to proceed as follows in the event of a dispute:
    a. If you believe that you are affected by a contribution because it is in breach of the applicable law, you must provide a qualified notice to us to the address of our registered office mentioned in the introductory part of these rules (and not to Admin!). Qualified notification means a written notice signed by you, which includes the identification of a specific contribution and its author (a specific user), proof of the unlawfulness of the contribution, evidence of the witness, and your name, surname, address and e-mail address. Qualified notice must be delivered to us by registered mail in order to prove its actual delivery. It is not possible to accept delivery in other ways, as well as notices sent by e-mail, for personal and technical reasons.
b. Within 5 working days of receipt of a qualified notice, we will deliver this qualified notice to the author of the contribution by electronic means (eg a scanned document via internal mail on the website) together with a request to provide us with a statement of the legality of his contribution.
    c. The author of the contribution is then obliged to deliver the declaration of legality of the contribution within 5 working days from the date of delivery of the qualified notice to us in the manner specified above (valid for the delivery of a qualified notice). The declaration of legality of the contribution is a written notice signed by the author of the contribution (with its officially certified signature, and if he / she is not yet 18, an officially certified signature of at least one of the parents or legal representative will be required), including evidence of the legality of the contribution, and the name, surname, address, and email address of the author of the post.
d. In the event that the author violates any obligation under this section of the policy, he / she acknowledges and agrees to remove his / her Contribution from the Website.
   e. If all the obligations of the author of the contribution are fulfilled, we will send you a copy of this statement within 5 business days of the date of delivery of the declaration of legality of the contribution. We will remove the post only on the basis of your announcement and proof of having filed a lawsuit / other action with the subject of a submission to the competent court.
    f. For this purpose, we are authorized to contact you and others (in this case especially the author of the post) and exchange your personal information between both parties.
    g. In the case of someone who is not registered, we will remove it immediately after receiving a qualified notice.
Similarly, we will do the opposite if someone thinks that it is affected by your contribution because it is in violation of applicable law.
Registration and Cancellation of account, Your Data and Statements
41. Registration is not required to use the website. This is only necessary in certain cases of using certain sections of the website.

    By registering, you are committed to providing us with true, accurate and up-to-date information about you and maintaining it.
We may refuse the Registration or revoke it if we suspect that you are acting as someone else, your username is protected by a valid right (eg trademark, trade name, etc.), is an advertisement (eg www.webpagename.com) or is vulgar, insulting, or based on our decision.

    We are aware of our professional duty to maintain the confidentiality of data about you and acknowledge our obligations regarding all personal and other data we process. Your rights under the Personal Data Protection Act remain fully preserved. We will not share your personal information with others except as set out in these policies (e.g., complaints) or privacy policy (part of these rules), respectively. if he / she imposes a valid right.

By using the website, you are granting us voluntarily and free of charge, without any material, temporal, territorial or other limitations:
    a.Consent to process your personal data in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act  (personal and others, such as the IP address of your computer and access times - logs, etc.) required by the website usage or when registering, in order to be able to include them in our information system, or to occasionally send you notice about the website or provide it to another person in accordance with the law and these rules, and also to publish them if necessary in accordance with Civilian Code. You may withdraw your consent from us at any time in writing, but this will invalidate your registration.
b. consent under the Electronic Communications Act that you may occasionally receive notifications by e-mail (eg news on the website).
    c. consent in the sense of the Civil Code, using your portrait, written representations, pictures and images and phonograms related to yourself or your personal expressions, regardless of their nature and purpose, in all the usual ways, with their subsequent modification and possibility to connect them with other works or by adding them to a rich piece of work (eg photo albums).
d. a statement that the people who are captured on the works or in the content have given their free consent to the content of the contribution being loaded in all manner specified in these rules and that by publishing your post on our website, no damage will arise, and if so, you commit pay in full amount the damage caused to anyone damaged(eg for your friends' photos).
    e. license (sublicense, if the author is a person different from you) to publish the author's work, or other content protected by the Copyright Act and the applicable law if it contains your contribution.
f. a statement that you are the sole author of the work, other content of a copy protected by the Copyright Act and the applicable law, or that the author / author of the work has obtained a license to use the work in accordance with these rules, including the right to grant us a sublicense; and that in this work, other content or any part of the content of the contribution, or any other rights or rights of others or parts of it, and that we will not be harmed by the publication of any work or other content of your contribution on our website and, in the event that you happen to do so, to pay the full damage in favor of who has arisen.

    The foregoing provisions also apply to third parties, which are responsible for the performance of certain activities and rights that have been granted to us.
In your own interest, we ask that you do not post posts containing your personal information or any other data the abuse of which could cause you harm(in particular, birth identification number, ID card, passport, credit / debit card number, addresses, phone numbers, passwords, etc.).

    Because of the nature of the Internet, we are not responsible for the security or protection of the data you provide to us through the Internet and e-mail messages or for their control and how others use your data , so you should be cautious about selecting the data you provide through the website.
We also do not bear responsibility for the content of the messages sent to others, and we are therefore exempt from all obligations relating to the content of information that you may receive from others.

    If you have any questions regarding the handling of your personal information, please do not hesitate to contact us (not Admin!).

    We are the only ones entitled to cancel your registration, and we are authorized to do so at any time, unilaterally, with immediate effect, without giving any reason, and without notice. We will do this only exceptionally, but you have to respect that our website is not a public forum with unlimited freedom of expression, but rather the space that we created, we manage and that we provide to use it in accordance with applicable law and these rules.
If you are manifestly violating these rules or the applicable law, we will cancel your registration as soon as we know about it.
    53. You acknowledge that, even after you cancel your registration, we are authorized to keep your posts and your username posted on the website for an unlimited time.
Protection of copyright, intellectual property and other rights
We respect the intellectual property and other rights of others and ask you to do the same thing. If you believe that your copyrights, intellectual property, or other rights have been infringed by any of the contributions, please contact us and proceed as described in the Complaint.

    We do not accept any responsibility for the content of the contributions, nor are we liable for any infringement of copyright, intellectual property rights or other rights through contributions to the website. Because our interest is to comply with a valid right, you agree and undertake that:
    a. you will not publish posts with any content protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights and other rights without the prior consent of the owner / holder of the rights protected by these regulations,
    b. you will respect copyrights, intellectual property rights, and other rights of others, and will not post any Content in Posts in violation of copyright or other intellectual property rights and other rights,
c. you will not remove any information about copyright, trademarks or other rights contained on the Website,
    d. you will not post any content in your posts in violation of applicable law.

    We do not have the ability to check the compliance of things that are the content of your Contribution with the applicable law, therefore we do not bear any responsibility for the matter (eg defects, unlawful origins, etc.) which you sell or buy through certain sections of the website that serve exclusively to exchange contact information between you and others
Your duties, statements and consents
If your computer is used by more than one person (eg at home, at work, or at an Internet café, etc.), you are responsible for making sure that no other person can use the Website by logging off everytime.
    Your user account is private and can not be used by anyone other than you. You are therefore solely responsible for confidentiality of your user account and passwords and for any use or activity of users who use your user account. You agree to notify us immediately of the unauthorized use of your User Account and to make sure that you have signed out of your account at the end of each use of the Website.
In your own interest, you agree and you undertake not to:
a. publish posts or links to any website containing vulgarisms, obscenities, threats, and personal attacks on others, promotional, incitement to or advocating the suppression of fundamental rights and freedoms, violence, fanaticism, racism, discrimination, defamation of population groups, racial, linguistic, religious, political, social, ethnic and ethnic intolerance, hatred towards specific people or groups of people, especially ethnic or religious groups, or any other content contrary to applicable law,
    b. publishing posts that contain untrue, misleading, misleading, untrue or truth-distorting information, or any other (and true) information that is or might be likely to cause harm to others (eg due to damage to their reputation, reputation, etc.) .
c. publish posts that are spam, hoax or warez,
    d. publish posts containing information about someone else's personal information without his or her consent,
    e. Publish posts with the same (duplicate), incomprehensible or meaningless content,
    f. publish posts advocating or violating a valid law, good morals or these rules,
g. advertise, or distribute an advertisement, publish posts or links to other websites not related to the content of the website and links to commercial websites (unpaid advertising), except for the cases we designate and with the exception of personal recommendations based on your experience,
    h. publishing posts promoting the services of others who are our competitors,
    i. publish posts that blame, harass or impress your personal opinions with others,
j. publish posts that restrict or hinder others in the use of the website or posts that expose or may expose to other damages or incur any liability,
    k. to prevent or interfere with the discussion on the website of others,
    l. disturb or damage the provision of a service or website, servers, networks, and so on. services or website, publish or use software viruses or any other computer codes, files or programs that may interrupt, restrict or stop the provision of services or the functionality of computer software or hardware or telecommunication equipment;
m. create or mirror the website or its part, without our prior written consent,
    n. use public proxy servers and other anonymous services that can be misused to attack an internet site or service,
    o. use automatic scripts to collect information or otherwise operate on websites and services,
    p. collect e-mail addresses or other contact information from others for any purpose,
    q. process personal information about someone else or post them on a website,
r. in no way harm us and our good name and reputation,
    s. when using the website, sail under false colors,
    t. create more than one registration, register under more than one username, register as someone else, or register on behalf of someone else,
    u. Use a website as someone else or someone else's name,
    v. circumvent the abovementioned prohibitions.
You further agree that:
    a. on the website you may see an ad and links to other websites and resources (such links and content accessible to them is not controlled by us and we are not responsible for it.) The link to, access to or use does not imply endorsement from our If you decide to leave the website and enter the third party page, you do so at your own risk and you should be aware that these rules do not apply to it.),
b. we have all the rights given to us by these rules and you are subject to the applicable law and exercise of these rights,
    c. if you suspect someone is violating these Guidelines, you will tell us (not Admin!) that,
    d. use of the website is only allowed for your personal use; it is forbidden to use it for any other purpose without our consent, with the exception of our designated cases,
    e. you do not have the right to any reward, royalty for your contributions on the website,
f. any questions, suggestions, ideas, or other information about the website or service ("suggestions") addressed to us are not confidential and may become our property. We own exclusive rights, including all intellectual property rights, and we are entitled to the unrestricted use and dissemination of these proposals for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, without your right to a refund.

    The use of any content on the website and posts posted on it is only allowed for personal purposes. Any disposition with them (use, publication, copying, etc.) for any other purpose is expressly prohibited without our prior consent.
    g. we reserve the right to choose language and country for any legal acts