We have prepared a video tutorial to show you how to write an article so it displays in the appropriate category or in the correct language, etc

Useful advice:

1. If you are using a page in English language, write an article in English language. If you want to write an article in another language, for example in Slovak or Spanish, first switch the page to Slovak/Spanish language and then write the article.
2. In the new article, select a category in the language you are writing the article in. For instance, if you select a category with an English name, your article will appear on the English page. This is also connected with the language selection button. Choose the category’s language for the article you’re writing.
3. Do not fill in the second field under the article’s title, it is being filled in automatically.
4. The recommended image size is between 200kB and 600kB and resolution between 800-1100px. Recommended formats are png, jpg, gif
5. To create a gallery, the file must be in zip format. We recommend that you do not exceed 50MB otherwise the gallery may not display correctly or it is not uploaded to the server. You can use the gallery of photos in your profile.
6. In case you want to insert a video in your article, you can do it in the tab "Media". In this case, only one version is functional at this moment and it is called "Insert". Here you put your desired video’s embed code from Youtube.
7. Additional fields use only certain categories such as: "Events" where you can enter the event date from-to.
8. Set "Access Level" to "Public" or "Registered". If you set it to "Registered", the article will only be visible to Wolfare users.
9. Fill in the field "metadata information" only if you have knowledge about them. Otherwise, they may be more of an annoyance than useful. The system is set in such a way that, in the case of not filling, this data is indexed by itself.
10. The allowed number of characters in the introduction is 170 including spaces. Type an introduction (the section that appears in the Articles’s category) and click on the "Read on".
11. If you have any questions , please write to our stream in the group "My Wolfare"

Additional information:

12.11.2017 Category- Useful information
If you choose category "Useful information", you need to fill in the "Subcategories and Extra fields"

Note: If you are writing an article online, be sure to back it up locally on your computer before saving to the server.

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